A Spectacle of Local Talent

Galway Theatre Festival
Now in it’s ninth year Galway Theatre Festival features six days of exciting theatre performances from April 18th-23rd. Showcasing some of the best local and national emerging talent in the arts, highlights include a world premiere from Emma O’ Grady, an interactive audience experience at Cava restaurant, hilarious comedy and improvisation as well as some of the best contemporary circus, dance and physical theatre to be seen in the West.

Celebrating home grown talent in the arts is at the heart of the festival’s mission. As well as being a privileged spectator members of the public are also invited to get involved in the running of this unique festival by volunteering in a variety of roles, offering not only the opportunity to gain some invaluable experience, but also the chance to bring their own professional skills to the fore in specialised areas. It has to be said that it is this added element of recognising talent from their volunteers that makes the festival even more unique and such a success to date.

With a core team of just five staff the festival seeks expertise and skills from the public and to date it has not been disappointed. “The calibre of skills we receive is amazing” states Louise Spokes, Volunteer Coordinator for Galway Theatre Festival. “We’ve recruited five new interns who are working closely with staff and we’ve been very impressed with all who have come on board…the festival simply could not happen without the support of volunteers.”

The opportunities for progression have already become apparent within the festival team with the recent recruitment of a volunteer being promoted to take on the job of PR Manager for the festival this year. The role of Assistant Manager was taken up by one of last year’s interns as well as the festival website being designed this year by one of their previous volunteers from 2016.

The festival  is now stepping into gear with its’ programme launch taking place last week as it gets ready for its biggest event to date with even more performances taking place across local venues in the city.

Volunteer recruitment is taking place across multiple roles from Ticketing, Customer Service, Stewarding, Promotion and Surveying. A finance intern positon is also currently available.  A real selling point to the festival is that all of these roles give the opportunity for volunteers to get involved in as many different aspects of running a local festival. Volunteers are encouraged to bring in their own personal skills and talents as well as avail of the opportunity to learn new skills in the area of arts and event management by meeting local artists and those currently working the area of theatre and performance.

The team are committed to providing as positive and fun experience as possible for anyone who gets involved while making sure their volunteers feel appreciated for all that they do. Volunteers can avail of free entry into particular shows when free seats are available as well as having access to the Galway Theatre Festival Club which is on every night of the festival across different venues.

For more information on how to get involved in this year’s festival contact Louise Spokes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.