Coming Full Circle

Established for over 30 years, Bohermore Community Project provides supports in education for children and young people whilst striving for the empowerment and self-development for each individual attending the project. This goal could not be reached without the voluntary input and commitment given by the local community, who in turn reap the rewards of this dedicated wholehearted work.

Project Worker and Volunteer Co-ordinator Damien Finneran views the project as a ‘golden nugget’ in the community. He states that this is down to the acceptance of diversity amongst all involved, in addition to the high standard of work being achieved by the young people attending.

The project is committed to supporting children right the way through their educational life cycle from junior infants up to leaving cert and beyond. Homework and Activity clubs run throughout the year providing a creative, social and educational space for positive learning and growth with continual encouragement for each and every child to believe in themselves.

The impact of this means that from a very early age the children attending learn the most valuable lesson available to them to reach their full potential by taking pride in their education. The continued hope for all involved in the project is that this lesson can be retained throughout the lives of those attending.

The strong sense of community present within the project means that many local people not only take part in the project but get involved as volunteers, giving an invaluable contribution. The impact of this work has come to flourish for the project as they have managed to recruit a past pupil as a Homework Support Volunteer.

Nathan Ward is a local to Bohermore, and currently volunteers one afternoon a week helping children with their homework. Currently studying an Arts degree in NUIG, Nathan hopes to venture into Primary School teaching as a future career. What makes Nathan unique in his current role is that he himself once attended the project from junior infants and remained right the way up through senior cycle. Like many who have been impacted by the constant support given by volunteers during their own life, he now wishes to give back in the hope that he can provide a source of positive encouragement, a source that he received throughout his education and that he believes has got him to where he is today.

The project is currently recruiting for summer camp volunteers and will also need homework and activity support volunteers in September. By getting involved as a volunteer the scope and range of activities carried out within the project often means that volunteers can often find their niche and offer their skills in as positive and enjoyable a way as possible.

For more information the current volunteer roles available contact Damien on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 091 561314