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Dóchas Don Óige


Providing Hope to Young People in a Place They Can Call Their Own

Dóchas don Óige training centre has been providing educational and training opportunities to young people for the last twenty years. What makes Dóchas unique is that unlike mainstream pathways to second level education, staff at Dóchas provide training in an environment that takes the entire person into account, focussing not just on where they have come from but also seeing the potential of where they can go.

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Our 2015 Annual Report


Volunteer Galway Releases 2015 Annual Report

Volunteer Galway Generates €7million Worth of Volunteer Hours for City and County

31,000 volunteering hours in 2015
280,000 volunteering hours since 2006
1055 volunteers registered in 2015
10,800 volunteers registered since 2006

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