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At Galway Volunteer Centre people interested in volunteering can find out more about volunteering without having to make a commitment, get information on a wide range of volunteering opportunities; and get advice and support on opportunities to suit you.

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Why Volunteer?


Galway Volunteer Centre wants to encourage people who wish to volunteer, but may feel anxious or want some support in getting started.

  • We want everyone to experience the benefits of volunteering.
  • We believe that it is vital that people approach volunteering at their own pace and that they are supported to do this in a welcoming and friendly way.

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Reasons for Senior Citizens to Vounteer

Volunteering in your local community means that you get to socialise, make contact and meet new people on a regular basis. It can fill a void that is sometimes left after retiring, as well as giving structure to your week.

This is Volunteering!

Meet Volunteer Nani Reina

Nani volunteers in Vincent’s charity shop in Westside. Her role normally is helping at the back of the shop, receiving donations, sorting clothes, pricing, steaming clothes, filling the shop with new items like clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.

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