I am the Development Manager in Galway Volunteer Centre, which involves a variety of tasks from promoting our work to meeting individually with people to help them find volunteer roles.  I have the privilege of managing a small team who are passionate about their work and supporting them to make as large an impact as possible with a very limited budget.

Everybody should have the opportunity to do good in their community and help others (and help themselves in the process), and I enjoy my work as I think it is a way to make a decent contribution to Galway and the world around me.



I work as the Organisation Support Worker and my role involves working with and supporting both individuals and organisations in their volunteering journey.   I also work with and support volunteer involving organisations to instil best practice in their volunteer programme.  My role also includes identifying training needs; developing and delivering training to volunteer involving organisations and charities. My role also includes supporting organisation with Garda Vetting training and related support.

My role is very interesting and fulfilling when I see the difference in the lives of people volunteering – that magical difference of fulfilment, meeting expectations and joy! And for organisations, it is seeing their shift from ineffective to effective volunteer management practice. I am a conduit of fulfilment, support and civic engagement in the community.



I work as receptionist and administration assistant in our office at 27 William Street West.  If you are using our service to find volunteer work, you are more than likely to be getting phone calls and emails from me as I keep track of the progress of all the volunteers on our system and have the opportunity to meet with all new potential volunteers who call into the offices looking for information.

I speak Irish fluently, so más mian leat, bain triail as!


My role is coordinating the Community Volunteers project, a team of trained volunteers willing to respond to local emergency and event needs. I also engage with organisations throughout the wider county area who engage individual volunteers, supporting them in building best practice around volunteer engagement. My role also includes helping to process any necessary Garda Vetting applications.

I love how practical, intentional support of both organisations and volunteers can enable threads of community to be both created and strengthened, and people can engage in a deeper and broader connection with each other and their environment. It is a privilege to be involved with so many diverse people, communities and organisations within Galway, all aiming to improve one another’s lives and experiences.


Originally from Ukraine, I fled to Ireland in March 2022 with my three children and immediately started to support the growing Ukrainian community by interpreting and organizing Telegram group where I publish important information that helps Ukrainians to integrate to the Galway community.

I started my career in marketing and communications and spent more than 20 years in international marketing, brand management, event and project management. I worked with McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, British American Tobacco and Pernod Ricard. I also worked with and for startups. I have supported small and medium businesses as well as artists, coaches, psychologists, doctors, and social organisations with all aspects of their marketing strategy. I also created and taught 2 courses for international students of the Ukrainian-American Concordia University. The courses, Global Marketing Strategies and Win-Win Communication are based on my professional marketing experience combined with my knowledge of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

I have provided training, empathy support sessions and lead a social change project NVC4Peace which aims to decrease the level of conflict between Ukrainian and Russian NVC practitioners and increase the level of inner and outer peace among and between these communities. With more than 15 years in personal development, I have supported mental health and wellbeing projects using yoga, meditation, somatic and spiritual practices.


I am from Ukraine and work as a Ukrainian Support Worker. My role is helping Ukrainians to integrate in the Irish society through volunteering.

My role involves meeting and referring prospective volunteers for opportunities in the voluntary and community sector, assess their interests, skills and support needs and refer accordingly with requirements.

I also engage with the local Ukrainian communities to promote volunteering and assist individuals in using the existing Galway Volunteer Centre services in Galway

My role also includes engaging with voluntary and community groups in the city and county to both develop, support and maintain the availability of a wide variety of roles for the volunteers to engage with.

I have started my life in Ireland as a volunteer teaching English to Ukrainian children and adults with beginner level.

I like that I can work with and support the Ukrainian refugee community as I am a member of that community myself. And I believe that with the right support Ukrainians will be able to secure gainful employment, continue their education and contribute as active members of the community and ultimately fully integrate into Irish society.


I am the Volunteer Engagement Officer, and my role involves supporting volunteers in a variety of different ways. My role includes promoting our volunteer roles across the community, meeting with volunteers in-person to help them find the right roles, and offering advice and support on the volunteering journey.

I enjoy helping to match a person to the best role for them, and seeing the positive impact that engaging in volunteering can have on a person’s life. Volunteering offers so much to the individuals, the organisations and the people they work with, as well as our wider community and it is an honour to support that in some small way.