Nana Reina
On: September 17, 2019
Nani Reina volunteers in Vincent’s charity shop in Westside, Galway City

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m originally from Spain, I’m 35 years old and currently living in Galway for the last 3 years.

Tell us a bit about yourself
I am a Personal Trainer, Pilates Teacher and Yoga Teacher working in the fitness and wellness industry. I am passionate about any kind of exercise and any mindfulness activities. I love spending my spare time with my friends as they are a very important part in my life. I love music and drawing. My goal in life is helping others in any way I can.

When did you start volunteering ?
May 2018

Why did you start to volunteer? 
Because I love helping others and being  an active part of my community.

What role are you currently volunteering in and can you tell us about it, what are your duties, hours, training, how long you’ve been doing it etc
My role normally is helping at the back of the shop, receiving donations, sorting clothes, pricing, steaming clothes, filling the shop with new items like clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Sometimes I am in the shop organizing items, decorating, helping costumers etc. I normally volunteer on Thursday mornings from 9am to 12.30pm. I’ve been doing it for around a year now. I received training from the manager of the shop.

What is the best thing about volunteering in your own opinion?
The best thing about volunteering is the feeling of giving back to the community, helping others, and socializing with other volunteers and the manager.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about starting volunteer work?
I would say to that person that volunteering is one of the best things that you could do with your life without any doubt.