On: November 3, 2020

“Pay it Forward”…appeal to buy vouchers from local businesses which will be given to families struggling this winter by Loughrea Family Resource Centre.
This is what true community means, sharing the good and bad times. By buying a voucher you are not only helping a family in your local community, you are supporting local businesses who are also being severely affected by the Pandemic. Vouchers purchased online can be emailed to the Centre info@loughreafamilyresourcecentre.ie They can also be purchased in person and dropped into our letterbox (within your 5 kilometre radius). No voucher amount is too small.

Vouchers can be bought directly /online/click & collect from local shops. One4all vouchers can be purchased in the local post office or online. Vouchers can be posted or emailed to Loughre Family Resource Centre.

Please contact Barbara Gray at info@loughreafamilyresourcecentre.ie or 086 344 9950 for more details