On: November 6, 2020

Every Christmas Trócaire volunteers and supporters sell Christmas cards and the gifts of love in their local parish, shopping centres and other. For Christmas 2019, the Galway team of volunteers sold these items at the Galway Christmas market for a week and really enjoyed themselves.

This year, our volunteers will be promoting the gifts online, promoting them with posters in their local community and they hope to get requests from supporters. When you buy a Trócaire Gift, your money goes to the developing world – buying life-changing gifts for people who really need them as well as funding critical work in Trócaire’s justice, resource rights and women’s empowerment programmes. Upon buying the gift, you receive a traditional gift card or an e-card, if buying online, which you can give as a gift to your loved ones.

To buy gifts, visit: https://www.trocaire.org/ways-to-help/gifts/ Call 1850 408 408 To donate: https://www.trocaire.org/ For all enquiries contact: marieanne.michel@trocaire.org 091 392 791