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27 William Street West, Galway

Galway Volunteer Centre was established in 2006 to promote and support volunteering in Galway City and County.

Applications are invited for the following position:


Community Decarbonisation Worker

Name and Address of Employer

Galway Volunteer Centre, 27 William Street West, Galway

Job Title:     Community Decarbonisation Worker

Reports to:    Development Manager

Main Purpose of Role:

The Community Decarbonisation Officer will facilitate and assist local Decarbonisation Committees in communities in Decarbonisation Zone areas in Galway City and County, Mayo, Sligo and Donegal to enable them participate in the Climate Connected project. The Climate Connected project seeks to build an easy to use toolkit which supports communities to take a number of steps necessary to build climate action, including developing a decarbonisation committee for the community and a decarbonisation plan for the local area. This will include supports to engage the people of the community to measure the carbon intensity of a myriad of behaviours and actions of residents’ lifestyles.

Conditions of Work:

The Community Decarbonisation Officer will be required to work 18.5 hours per week

This contract term is part-time to 31st December 2025.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate local Decarbonisation Committees to engage with other partners in Climate Connected project to develop, test various elements and methodologies of a Community Decarbonisation Toolkit, to create a shared vision of sustainability.
  • Assist community organisations in running events in which elements of the developed toolkits are tested by the community residents
  • Assist community organisation administrators in testing and evaluating the toolkits against agreed criteria
  • Liaise with voluntary and community organisations and assess the number and type of volunteers they require.
  • Carry out other duties as determined by the Climate Connected project
  • Contribute to periodic written reports to the funder outlining progress and barriers
  • Work with the Climate Connected partners to enhance the project outputs
  • Assist local Decarbonisation Committees to develop and engage with local communities on issues surrounding Climate Change and decarbonisation to assist them to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions.
  • Support Decarbonisation Committees to ensure engagement and participation by socially excluded members in the respective communities.
  • Collaborate with other Volunteer Centres in Mayo, Sligo and Donegal to benefit from their local knowledge and networks to successfully deliver on project.
  • Any other relevant duties within Connected project as assigned by the Development Manager.

Please note only applications made using GVC Application Form will be considered.  Detailed Job Specification and Application Form can be found below.

Closing date for applications to by 5.00pm March 31st 2023  

Decarbonisation Job Description

Application Form – GVC DCW Support Worker