On: September 16, 2019

Social Contact. Volunteering in your local community means that you get to socialise, make contact and meet new people on a regular basis.

Offer a lifetime of experience and skills. Organisations and those you work with will value the wealth of life skills and experience you have to offer.

Develop new interests. Volunteering in your community offers you the chance to develop new interests and skills that you may never have had the chance to before.

You’ve got time on your hands. Volunteering can fill a void that is sometimes left after retiring from the workplace, as well as giving structure to your week.

Sense of purpose. We all need to feel needed. Whether you’ve left paid employment or home life is no longer as busy, volunteering in your community can give a new sense of purpose in your life.

Be a positive role model. Offering your services, skills and time to others means that you are a positive role model not only to those you help but to your friends and family too!

It’s good for you! Volunteering has been proven to reduce stress, improve confidence and self esteem, adding to a healthier and happier lifestyle!