On: November 30, 2021

For over twenty years, Trócaire ‘Gifts of Love’ have brought enormous benefits to the lives of people in communities across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Trócaire ‘Gifts of Love’ are real, ethical, life-changing items. They are sourced locally in the communities where Trócaire work which in turn supports the local economy. There are 21 gifts to choose from ranging in price from €5 (soap for families in Sudan) to €1000 (repairing a well for communities in South Sudan.) There are gifts that will ensure communities have clean, fresh water to drink and wash with, as well as providing irrigation systems that will help families grow fruit, grains and vegetables. Other gifts will provide seeds and tools to allow struggling families to feed themselves, and bees that will produce honey that can be sold to earn an income. All of these gifts give families the opportunity to look forward to a brighter future where they are not dependent on aid. For Christmas this year, there are new gifts including water filters (€40) and emergency water supply (€20) to support communities in developing countries hit by ongoing drought. It also includes dignity packs to help young girls out of period poverty (€10) and mental health support for women and children traumatised by the ongoing conflict in Gaza (€50). The gifts can be purchased online at trocaire.org/gifts or by calling 1850 408 408

To order your ‘Gifts of Love’ go to https://www.trocaire.org/ways-to-help/gifts/ or call 1850 408 408 For more information, you can also contact Marie-Anne Michel marieanne.michel@trocaire.org or call 091 392 791